Alex Mills

System 360

I designed and built a suite of applications for an Australian education institution for managing the student user accounts used in their Moodle installations. The 360 platform syncs student data from various department services and staff accounts are connected to on-site Active Directory instances. Project Delorean saw the development of a fully responsive web app for administering these accounts by staff and a smaller app for student self service functions. All areas of the project except for server admin were handled by myself.

The new apps and centralised platform are the evolution of the various apps I had developed during my time with the group.

Picture of 360 running on an iPhone.
Final responsive testing before rollout. - October 2014


Screenshots of 360 running on an iPhone.
Main list and navigation views. - October 2014

The web app is fully responsive and runs on KnockoutJS which loads it’s model data through a JSON API served from on-site servers using PHP connected to a load balanced MSSQL database. CSS3 animations are used throughout for layout of various panels and views. Aggressive use of browser cacheing allows app resources to be downloaded once, leaving only student data to be loaded fresh each time. Scheduled tasks kept the accounts maintained and passwords up to date, sending emails if interaction was required.

Screenshots of project launch martketing.
Introducing staff to the new version. - November 2014

Staff were introduced to the new version of the web app with a helpful little site explaining how common tasks would now be handled. The interface saw a dramatic departure of the style used in the old app but still saw the lowest number of staff uptake issues with this release.