Alex Mills

Developer + Designer

I'm a passionate designer and self taught software developer with a love of electronics and agriculture, who always looking for something new to try and applying technology to new fields.


Experience with...

Honours and Awards


  • WA Web Awards - Winner Mobile Site (Site Developer)


  • Project Management for IT Technicians Certification - Department of Education


  • Working safely at heights Certification - Richards Mining Services


  • SIDE Dux Certificate (VET/WACE)
  • Curriculum Council Certificate of Distinction - Applied Information Technology
  • Curriculum Council Certificate of Distinction - Modelling with Mathematics


Software Development Officer at Road Trains of Australia

  • Sole developer and designer in the business
  • Project manager for a series of new business applications
  • Continued development of a trip management app built when freelancing
  • Design of user interfaces that are safe to use when driving
  • Development of remote device management services
  • Integration with accounting software

Frontend Developer/Designer at

  • Lead Designer for new 'Search' and 'User Tools'
    • Working with 303 for Brand updates
    • Working with Precedent to improve website interaction
    • Assisting with brand and marketing improvements
  • Lead Frontend Developer
  • Integrating Google Ads
  • Improving integration with 3rd-party services
  • Design/Development of transactional email templates

Frontend Developer/Designer at Fair Go Finance

  • Development of new Loan Application Web App
    • Lead Frontend Developer
    • Sole Interface Designer
    • Built using Agile workflow
    • Helped get the Aurelia framework working in IE9+
    • Implemented customer issue tracking systems
    • Built custom wrapper to Google Analytics
    • Built JS Unit Testing System
    • Built JS E2E Testing System
    • Design/Development of HTML Email Templates
  • Lead of Company Branding Refresh
  • Lead of new Company Website Design/Development
  • Desktop Support

Building AgConnect at Warrawagine Cattle Co

  • Project Manager/Designer/Engineer/Support
  • Development of 3G Tank Telemetry System
    • Electronics Viability Research
    • Electronics Design/Integration
    • Linux 3G Radio Comms
    • Ultrasonic Sonar Development
    • Renewable Power System
    • Unit Mechanical Design/Installation
  • Development of Centre Pivot Wireless Network
    • Ubiquiti Wireless Network Design/Installation
    • Network Monitoring Code
    • Integrating Modbus sensors into TCP network
    • Code to read Modbus sensors from core server
    • 3G Radio Installation with VPN
    • Server Design/Installation
    • Rack Power System Design
    • Rack Networking Design
    • VMware ESX Virtual Machine Management
    • Linux scripting
  • Development of Centre Pivot Controller
    • Reverse Engineering Valley Control Panel
    • Designing PLC-based Controller
    • Writing PLC Control Program
    • Integrating PLC into Modbus TCP network
    • Integrating PLC into High Voltage Electronics
    • Designing Relay Circuits for High Voltage Electricity
    • Mechanical Design/Installation
  • Development of AgConnect Web Platform
    • Load balanced and Fault Tolerant PostgreSQL Database
    • PHP Backend with secure API
    • Responsive HTML5 Web App
    • Swift iOS Wrapper Application for Web App
    • Apple Push Notifications
    • iOS Keychain support
    • Scheduled Data delivery to Agronomists
    • Secure socket connectivity to remote sites
    • User account management tools

Software Developer at Department of Education, Western Australia

  • Building new version of System 360 platform I built in 2012
    • New responsive HTML5 web app
    • New secure web API's
    • Combining multiple tools into one app
    • New student management features
    • System-wide control preferences
    • Interface design
    • Project Management
  • Student account automation tool development
  • IT Support when required
  • Further work is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Web Developer at JuiceBox Creative

  • HTML5/CSS3 front end web development with IE8 support.
  • PHP backend and JS interactivity development.
  • Web development to design specification.
  • Developing responsive layouts to suit multiple screen sizes.
  • Integration with a custom MySQL driven CMS.
  • Customising the CMS to meet customer requirements.
  • Development of custom jQuery plugins to meet specific requirements.
  • Design and development of a product management quoting system for industry customers.
  • Developing methods of importing and manipulating extremely large amounts of data.
  • Design and development of an event scheduling and management system.
  • Use of Photoshop and Illustrator for web export and vector graphics.

IT Support / Software Engineering at Department of Education, Western Australia

  • Windows desktop IT Support
  • iOS Device (iPhone/iPad etc) Support
  • Mac desktop IT Support
  • Supporting main Windows/Linux server systems
  • Become IT Manager when required
  • Development of themes for the Moodle Learning Environment
  • Updating Moodle 2 to work with Internet Explorer 6
  • Development and Management of main public website
  • Development of Web-Based System Test
    • Development of JavaScript components to detect web browser plugins
    • Securely storing test results
    • Development of 'load once' AJAX-driven web app to view, edit and delete tests
  • Development of a Web Front End for the Google Mini Search Appliance
  • Development of a web-based User Management Platform (System 360) for Moodle
    • Secure storage of user data
    • Microsoft Active Directory integration for Staff account authentication
    • Development of plugins to enable user searching from different systems
    • Development of a Secure Authentication method for encrypted API calls
    • Development of web apps to enable viewing, editing and creation of student user accounts
    • Development of a web app to manage system usage, error and important notifications
    • Automated background user account creation
  • Development of a multi-threaded Mac Application as a queue-based front end for ffmpeg
  • Handling Interface Design and User Experience for all projects
  • Project manager for all engineering projects

Electrician Assistant at Solarwest

  • Installation of complex network based weather sensors
  • Integrating renewable power systems into client networks
  • Installation and Maintenance of Renewable Power Systems
  • Installation and Maintenance of Remote Power Systems
  • Construction and groundwork for component support structures
  • Working with dangerous and sensitive components
  • Handling of Batteries and Acid
  • Fabrication of Radio Telemetry Systems
  • Support and Maintenance of Radio Telemetry Systems
  • Development of Radio Telemetry Software
  • Working at Heights Certification

Software Developer at Alex Mills Design

  • Development of SineWave iPhone application
  • Development of Pieces iPhone application
  • Development of PHP-based blog platform (Proof of concept)
  • Linux (Ubuntu) Web Server deployment
  • Reverse Engineered Rdio stream music API

Apple Service Technician at DigiLife Perth

  • Supervised Junior Apple Technician (Year 10 Work Experience)
  • Unsupervised Apple Technician (Year 11 & 12 Work Experience)
  • Full-time Apple Technician
    • Software fault diagnostics and repair
    • Hardware Component fault diagnostics and repair
    • Network Management
    • Sensitive equipment handling
    • Electronic equipment handling
    • Following Apple Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Following client/data Privacy Policies
    • Development of small software tools for in-house use

Station hand / Tech support at Warrawagine Cattle Company

  • Radio Telemetry System Maintenance
  • Remote area Power System Installation, including Diesel Generators, Solar panels, wind turbines and battery backups.
  • Maintenance of Power System and Equipment
  • Solar water pump maintenance
  • Cattle mustering, handling and production
  • Heavy machinery operation

IT Support at BHP Billiton

  • Supervised Work Experience (Year 12)
    • Meeting and Passing Site Orientation Program
    • Observing mine site safety requirements
    • Repair of computer equipment
    • Secure removal of sensitive data
    • Installing and updating computers throughout the site